About Soothkeep

The mission of Soothkeep is the pursuit of higher ground in doctrine, discernment, and devotion — a clearer understanding of what the Bible teaches, a better application of that knowledge, and a more fervent heart attachment to it. This pursuit can be boiled down to one word—truth.

  • Our doctrine is correct only to the degree that it agrees with the biblically-revealed truth of God.
  • The accuracy of our discernment hinges on the degree to which it is based on the biblically-revealed truth of God.
  • And the value of our devotion is constrained by the degree to which the testimony we are devoted to is conformed to the biblically-revealed truth of God.
  • Zeal not according to knowledge is problematic, for commitment to error is not faith but superstition. God may honor men despite their error, but he cannot honor the error without dishonoring himself.

The method of this pursuit is a rigorous pursuit of the historical-grammatical hermeneutic (literal interpretation) in the following context:

  • enjoying sufficient exposure to the wealth of evangelical thought to experience the benefit of “iron sharpens iron” and “safety in the multitude of counsel;”
  • maintaining the right and duty of judgment (reason) that is unconstrained by any consideration but the word of God alone;
  • not beholden to the platform of any particular denomination or association, creed or confession or testimony, theology or anti-theology, discernment or apologetic ministry, or any particular brand of fundamentalism or dispensationalism. This idea can be simply expressed as “more Bible; less indoctrinated system.”

The matter of this pursuit covers the full spectrum of the battle for the mind of the believer, though I have a strong emphasis on eschatology.

Encouraging men to “think outside the fog” of:

  • the status quo, the popular, the politically correct
  • theological systems erected on philosophical errors
  • sectarian prejudice and its resistance to truth
  • the common mistakes in reason and thought
  • experience and “Spirit” exalted over objective reason

Setting God’s people free from:

  • errors in eschatology
  • errors on God’s government and redemption
  • errors that undermine the Bible and evangelicalism
  • errors that promote hyperspirituality
  • errors that drive traditionalism and progressivism

The mentality of the pursuit necessitates that we make a clear distinction between the truth in the sense of that body of teaching that God has revealed to us in the Bible and “the truth” in the sense of our best efforts to compile, systematize, and apply that revelation.

  • If we confuse these two, whether ignorantly or intentionally (motivated by religious pride), we are guaranteed to hold errors that we cannot be freed from.
  • If we are married to points of “truth” that are not truth, then some of the light that is in is us is actually darkness.