The Pursuit, Defense, and Propagation of Truth "...earnestly contend for the faith"
- Jude 1:3

About Me

My birth name is Lee William Brainard. I am a Bible teacher and an author. The Bible is — by far — my favorite book. I read it in the original languages (Greek and Hebrew), several literal English translations, the German (usually the Elberfelder), and the Greek OT (the Septuagint). My areas of study include the biblical languages, eschatology (prophecy), apologetics, the major theological controversies, ancient history (with particular interest in ancient catastrophism), and electric universe cosmology.


Think outside the fog:

  • of the status quo, the popular, the politically correct
  • of theological systems erected on philosophical errors
  • of sectarian prejudice and its resistance to truth
  • of the common mistakes in reason and thought

Set my people free:

  • from errors in matters of eschatology
  • from errors on God’s government and redemption
  • from errors that undermine the Bible and evangelicalism
  • from errors that promote hyperspirituality


Upward Trek

I would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.