The Glorious Salvation Machine

The Glorious Salvation Machine

Have you ever wondered why some “Christians” live as if they were never converted? With a delightful dose of sanctified humor, this whimsical satire will walk you through the fundamental errors of the easy-believe gospel in its major variations.

Short excerpt — “Winking Grace is a careless, marshmallow-soft, see-no-evil, judging-is-wrong spirit which pretends to be the grace of God and accuses true grace of being legalistic. It says everything is okay when the ship is sinking. … It says those wallowing in the Hog Pen are saved because they did the Faith Form.”


  • Author: Lee W. Brainard
  • Pages: 366
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1480121348
  • Category: Allegories
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Copyright: Copyright © 2012 Lee W. Brainard