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Coronavirus and One World Government

There is a big push in the world today for one-world medical governance, at least as far as vaccinations are concerned. The power players are especially focused on the coronavirus. This push has many prophecy buffs frothing at the mouth, supposing that in this vaccination push we are seeing the prophesied one-world government platform being erected before our eyes. But this perspective of current events is not, in my estimation, based on a robust handling of the prophetic Scriptures.

Let me point out that the current developments—or rather ambitions, for they are agendas being pushed, not agendas unfolding—are coming from health organizations sponsored by or under the influence of the UN. This is problematic for those who see the current events as the immediate precursors of the one-world government of the last days. Let me state categorically that the prophesied one-world government under the antichrist is not the UN. It is not the nations of the world voluntarily submitting to the UN. It is not the UN dividing its constituents into ten regions. The commonly envisioned UN-led one-world government is a pipedream that isn’t going to happen. And if the UN is not the framework for the Antichrist’s one-world government, then the current UN efforts in vaccination can’t be the onset of the prophesied one-world government.

How can I be dogmatic about this? Because the prophesied one-world government of the last days is the Roman empire in its reconstituted form, being comprised of ten toes that have existed since the empire fractured, plus the little horn which arose after the empire fractured. The Roman empire will once again dominate the world, but this time the oikumene shall extend around the entire globe and not merely around the Mediterranean. This is so clearly taught in the Bible that it is difficult for me to understand how men—who profess the historical-grammatical hermeneutic (literal interpretation) and quote the Roman empire verses—stray from the historical-grammatical understanding of the Roman empire and wind up riding the UN train. But prejudice is powerful. Prejudice, ultimately, is the primary reason men stray from the clear teaching of Scripture and the only reason they can’t be corrected back to it.

Now I am not saying that the current efforts and trends have no prophetic significance. RFID tracking in vaccines is very Big Brotherish. So are the other technologies and agendas that are being trotted out for mass surveillance, mass enforcement, and mass control. These technologies and agendas are being encouraged by fallen spirits behind the scenes for the advancement of the mystery of iniquity. They will be introduced and enforced, if not in the immediate future, then in the relatively near future. And it is absolutely certain that this kind of technology will be exploited by the antichrist when he rises to power.

But there is a big difference between the antichrist employing Big Brother technology to consolidate his power over the world and regarding the rollout of this technology as the rollout of the antichrist’s one-world government. China already has this kind of technology. That is very Big Brotherish. It is extremely distasteful to western conceptions of freedom. But it is not the antichrist’s one-world government. This kind of technology will be broadly used down here for a while, getting perfected and giving the world time to get used to it, before the antichrist rolls out his application of the technology … an application with eternal consequences.

The technology in and of itself, while a matter of uneasiness, is not a soul-damning problem. It is the antichrist’s application of the technology, one inseparably associated with his anti-God, anti-Bible platform, that is the real issue. And his one-world government system is based on finance, not medicine, though some of the technology may overlap or transfer. Once we understand this, we can know and rest assured that we are not on the verge of the one-world government until one of the existing or future cash-free financial platforms is adopted worldwide.

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Eyes wide open, brain engaged, heart on fire.

Lee W. Brainard

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