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Wonder Woman Movie

Those who know me well, know that I am not a huge movie buff. The film industry is one of the most dangerous threats that the church faces. Any spiritual man (or woman) with a modicum of spiritual discernment knows that movies are on the cutting edge of Satan’s efforts to defile the world with his own hatred for God and the Bible. For decades Hollywood productions have subtly undermined and blatantly opposed biblical  morality and ideology. They are part of the hellish trinity of iniquity — movies, music, and media.

Despite my distrust of of Satan’s propaganda machinery, however, I do occasionally watch a movie. But if I am going to invest time in a movie — notice that I said invest — it has to pass my profitability test. If I am going to spend 90 minutes (or more) on a movie, I want to turn a profit. This means that I must get something out of the film beyond mere entertainment or fun. While profit can be fun, fun is not profit. And I do not mean profit based on any worldly standard, I mean profit based on principles of stewardship and discipleship.  For me the movies that pass muster as profitable are usually either true stories (biography or history) or science fiction, especially apocalyptic movies.

Why science fiction? What profit do I gain? Years ago, while studying the secret societies that many believe are working behind the scenes to bring in the new world order, I discovered that the fallen spirits working to implement the new world order are using science fiction books and movies (especially those of the apocalyptic genre) to prime the world with satanic misrepresentations, so that when the events of the last days start to play out, the world will regard God (who is bringing destruction and judgment upon it) as the “bad” guy and and will regard the heroes and superheroes (who attempt to save the world from the destroyer) as the “good” guys. This priming helps explain why the whole world, at the very end, will consciously, intelligently, and maliciously gather against God and against his Christ (his annointed King) in the valley of Megiddo for the battle we call Armageddon. But these same movies, however, for the discerning watcher, tip Satan’s hand, intimating the lies and stratagems that he intends to employ in the last days to persuade the world to side with him against God.

Recently I turned my attention to the highly rated Wonder Woman movie. It did not disappoint my expectations.  Like every apocalyptic movie I have watched, the good guys are the bad guys and the bad guys are the good guys. But this one was more subtle than most. The crux of the movie was the fight scene between Diana (Wonder Woman) and Ares.  Ares briefly stopped the fight and attempted to persuade Diana to join him in destroying the wicked world and restoring the Edenic state. She was tempted, for she knew that all men were bad, but she could not concede to removing all evil from the world.  Despite man’s badness and weakness, she loved the world as it was. In that moment she decided on her own solution — destroy the god who wanted to judge the world, leave evil in the world, and eliminate only the worst manifestations of violent evil. Just like the Star Wars conception of the battle between good and evil, evil is not removed, but brought back into balance with good. This is not God’s solution, but the devil’s deceitful message.

It hardly needs to be said, but the end of the world shall not turn out like Hollywood depicts it. The power that descends from heaven to destroy the world shall not be foiled — not by man, not by superheroes, not by gods. For the power is the Son of God, even “God manifest in flesh,” who shall descend to Earth in all the infiniteness and omnipotence of Jehovah, remove all the ungodly and all ungodliness from the earth, and reign in righteousness over the entire earth from Jerusalem. The whole earth shall be filled with his righteousness.

Are your eyes opened? Had you noticed this deceitful iniquity in apocalyptic films before? Did you catch this in the Wonder Woman movie? Do you see this subtle corruption of the truth now? Should this kind of discernment be part of our prophetic message for the last days? Sound off. Drop me a line.

“Eyes wide open, brain engaged, heart on fire.”

Lee W. Brainard


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    Paul Brinkerhoff
    October 23, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    Lee: Yes, this post opened my eyes. I have noticed the themes and movements before in such apocalyptic films. The temptation scene is confusing because Ares is depicted Satan-like and Diana is depicted Eve-like. But the subtlety is clever and diabolical. Yes, this kind of discernment should be part of our prophetic message for the last days. Most people, including probably most Christians, are lacking in this kind of discernment. Films like this can be tricky, but some are more and others less overt. The Transformers series is another. I think your personal example and profitability test provide a solid challenge to the lesser criteria most of us probably have for whether or not to see a film. Stewardship and discipleship is probably not as rigorously pursued and maintained. Thank you for this challenge and for sharing your thoughts and admonitions in response to this film. It’s helpful! Paul Brinkerhoff

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    Brian Miller
    June 7, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    I certainly concur with your thoughts in spite of the fact I have not seen the movie, nor am I a movie consumer.
    Most recently, via the media (which we can rarely trust), we have been bombarded by all the rot at the highest level of producers. Certainly Satan is at work overtime as he sees the end approach.

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    John McIntyre
    June 7, 2018 at 8:29 pm

    I rarely watch so called blockbuster movies. The vast majority sexualize women and propogate violence. As you said we need to profit from activities, not dumb ourselves down. That type of movie acieves the dumbing down rating, so they are not viewed by me. The shame on movie companies is they offer 2 or 3 movies a year worth watching, ones that show intellectual promise or profit. I say go outside and discover God in nature.


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