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Test the Spirits

I would like to share with you a strange experience I had with the spiritual realm. This is not intended as a reproach against Pentecostals, for many of them are dear Christians, but merely as a warning on the spiritual dangers that lay in wait for those who seek manifestations of the Spirit without having a rock-solid, Bible-based protocol to test the spirits (1 John 4:1-3). Millions of fallen spirits are daily pretending to be the Holy Spirit, frequently with powerful evidences. Testing them by the word of God is the ONLY path to victory over this demonic horde of imposters.

As a young believer, I occasionally had wonderful illuminations given to me while studying the Bible. They always involved an experience which felt like I was getting baptized with hot light and which charged my entire body, giving me the warm tinglies. This feeling would last for minutes, then slowly ebb. These illuminations did not involve any audible voices, but merely impressed truth vividly on my mind—similar to the mind being illuminated powerfully when a helpful book opens a difficult subject or passage to you, but in a more powerful, emotion-charged way.

My relationship with these illuminations came to a head in 1987 while I was sitting at my desk studying intently. Without warning or forethought, as was always the case, I was overcome by yet another illumination which gave me the meaning of the passage I was investigating—the passage and interpretation have long since escaped me. As I indulged the wonderful, almost euphoric, feeling, I found myself pondering the disconcerting fact that several recent illuminations had proven to be in contradiction to other passages of Scripture. I was at an impasse. Now what should I do? Test the spirits!

I immediately informed the spirit involved that I was going to put the illumination on the back burner and let it simmer for a while. If the Scriptures upheld it, then I would embrace it. If the Scriptures overthrew it, then I would reject it. The euphoric feeling departed immediately rather than gradually, and I never received another illumination like that again. I suspect that the deceiving spirits behind these experiences already knew from my tongues experience, and from my other battles with spiritual deception, that I would rigorously test the spirits, so it was not worth their while trying to maintain the charade.

My friends, do not let Satan have free opportunity to deceive you as a messenger of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). Mercilessly test the spirits — those behind spiritual experiences, those behind teachers and teachings — with the word of God. The Holy Spirit is never offended when he is tried by the word of God. Lying spirits go ballistic when they are tried by the word of God and work frantically to persuade you to quit shining the spotlight of the word of God on them.

Eyes wide open, brain engaged, heart on fire.

Lee W. Brainard

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