Busy As a Beaver

Hi friends.

I have been busy as a beaver, so it has been a while since I have written. Things are going forward at a decent pace with The Russian Run, volume three of the Planets Shaken series, but not as quickly as I had hoped. While I have been getting more writing done per writing session (practice makes perfect), I have had fewer writing sessions. This year I have been doing twice as much traveling—preaching, attending conferences, and personal ministry. I have also been putting time into other writing projects and my website,

High points of the past months included a trip to the Upper Amazon in Brazil to spend a week with my two kids and their spouses who are missionaries in the region. Nothing like an avocado and cupuacu ice cream cone from a street vendor in a town like Benjamin Constant. No corn syrup and assorted extenders and thickeners. Just fruit juice, sweetened condensed milk, and cream. Wow! I traveled with my son Ezra and my son-in-law Doug to a small village that we reached by a twenty kilometer boat ride (most up a narrow, winding tributary) and then eight kilometers on a muddy trail, often ankle deep and occasionally calf deep. But we had a wonderful meeting with the church that meets on Grandma’s porch, singing many hymns in Portuguese accompanied by a ukulele. My son-in-law spoke, then I spoke and he translated.

In late June I took in the Hope For Our Times prophecy conference in Palm Springs, CA, where I heard some excellent ministry, enjoyed some sweet fellowship with friends who were preaching there, and made new friends. This coming week I am headed to Bend, Oregon for the Berean Call conference.

I foresee finishing the rough draft of The Russian Run by the end of September, finishing the editing in October, and having it in print in November. Pray for me that things will go smoothly and that I will find time, even on the road, to put some time into the book.

The tempo and action are increased again in this volume and the end will leave you hanging until volume four.

Busy as a beaver until he comes back and cleans this mess up, then REST!


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