Nita Brainard / Poetry

Christ Alone

For I determined not to know any thing among you,
save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. 1Cor. 2:2

Christ alone provides an answer
To the ills that plague our race.
Nothing frees and nothing cures us,
But the cleansing work of grace.

We may educate the masses;
Tell them where the dangers lurk,
But to stem the tide of evil
All our teaching doesn’t work.

We may think we’re doing something
When we advertise our cause,
But the end of all our labor
Wins us only man’s applause.

Yes, the world itself applauds us,
When we stand against the worst
Of the sins its prince has fathered
And society has nursed.

If we want to make a difference
That will last eternally,
We must follow Christ our Savior
To His death on Calvary.

We won’t win the world’s approval.
We will seem to them as fools,
For we must refuse their methods,
Living by the Bible’s rules.

We weren’t given a commission
To attempt to clean the mess
That lies cluttered on the surface
Of a core of wickedness.

For the Lord Himself is coming
And will judge the world with fire —
But to turn men first and save them
Is His burning heart’s desire.

Nita Brainard

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