Nita Brainard / Poetry

Only One

There’s only one shelter and only one rest,
There’s only one place I can go when oppressed.
I’ve tried other options and find they are vain,
But in the Lord Jesus there’s peace and great gain.

There’s only one refuge, one fortress, one tower;
One sure place of safety in earth’s present hour.
There’s only one hiding place; only one rock
That offers salvation to all who will knock.

In all of the lists of the noble and brave
There’s no other name that is able to save.
The only deliverer is Jesus God’s Son,
For He and the Father and Spirit are One.

An equal to God in His power and grace,
Christ died for the sins of the whole human race.
He’s faithful, unmoving, unchanging, and just.
In Him, and Him only, I dare put my trust.

Nita Brainard

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